Key Practice

Comprehensive advising in corporate law, M&A transactions, real estate law, commercial law and labour law is in the centre of our practice. Further on, our colleagues have obtained in-depth understanding of the legal aspect of banking & financing, various fields of competition law and consumer protection law. In any and all of our practice areas, we efficiently provide clearly comprehensible and practically executable, unambiguous counselling.

Transactional Support

Real Estate Law

  • advising on the tax and financing aspects of real estate acquisitions
  • Legal Due Diligence scrutinies prior to real estate acquisitions
  • preparation of real estate sale and purchase contracts
  • on-spot assistance in the negotiation of real estate sale and purchase contracts
  • counselling in connection with various valuable rights attached to real estates
  • preparation and assistance in the negotiation of lease and operation contracts for office, retail and warehouse premises

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • transactional counselling in the shaping of transactional schemes, advising on post-implementation form of companies, company groups
  • Legal Due Diligence scrutinies
  • preparation of the entire transactional documentation
  • continuous on-site and on-call support during negotiations
  • thorough implementation and post-implementation support (corporate, real estate, labour related matters)

Competition Law Aspects of M&A

  • managing national applications for the authorization of concentrations

Operational Support

Debt Enforcement

  • planning of loss minimalizing, optimal systems of contractual securities already at contracting as well as later on
  • preparation of legal letters, payment notices, last notices prior to the initiation of lawsuit
  • filing of applications requesting the issuance of notarial payment warrants
  • support during negotiations with debtors aimed at re-scheduling payments
  • preparation of settlement proposals and agreements

Bankruptcy and Company Reorganization

  • filing of bankruptcy petitions
  • preparation of payment notices prior to the initiation of liquidation procedures
  • filing of liquidation petitions
  • filing of creditors claim notices with the liquidator
  • general legal representation during bankruptcy and liquidation procedures

Corporate Law

  • planning of the form and implementation of corporate governance structures
  • preparation and representation in the registration procedure of new companies as well as any corporate related changes in registered companies
  • seat service, delivery agent service
  • preparation of shareholder agreements, syndicate agreements
  • counselling in management liability matters

Employment Law

  • planning and implementation of employment and related organizational structures
  • preparation of employment and management contracts, musters for general use
  • labour law related counselling during acquisitions and other forms of employer successions, as well as during voluntary dissolutions
  • coordination of the legal aspects of reorganizations and mass redundancy plans
  • preparation of employment termination notices, mutual termination agreements
  • addressing cross-border employment issues, representation during the acquisition of work permits
  • legal representation during negotiations with employees, workers’ councils and representatives, Trade Unions
  • intermediary employment, part-time employment

Multi-Purpose Support

Commercial Law

  • preparation, interpretation of General Terms and Conditions
  • preparation, interpretation of supply and distribution contracts
  • preparation of specific contractual constructions
  • enforcement of contractual damage claims
  • counselling on the fields of commercial advertising and consumer protection

IP Law

  • counselling on the national, community and international aspects of protecting trademarks, inventions, utility models and designs
  • advising in copyright issues
  • preparation of licence contracts
  • employment aspects of IP rights
  • actions against infringements of IP rights
  • connection to patent attorneys

Banking and Finance

counselling offered to credit institutions, investment firms:

  • filing of applications to obtain the non-binding opinion of the regulatory authority in specific matters
  • coordination of licensing procedures of entity foundation and financial services at the supervisory authority

counselling offered to the creditor as well as the debtor side:

  • preparation of and counselling on project financing arrangements
  • planning of security structures, preparation of security contracts

Competition Law

counselling and legal representation in the following fields:

  • antitrust law (cartel law, abuse of dominant power)
  • fair trading and consumer protection aspects

EU Law

  • cross-border mergers
  • foundation of European Companies (SE) in Hungary, relocation to Hungary
  • cross-border insolvency proceedings, enforcement of commercial law judgments
  • counselling in EU dimensions of competition law
  • proceedings in connection with community trademark protection
  • advising on the field of employment law with regard to EU anti-discrimination rules


Construction Law

  • preparation of real estate planning, development and operation contracts
  • counselling on public utility contracts
  • formation and division of plots
  • preparation of planning contacts, as well as various arrangements with the general contractor and the subcontractors
  • administrative procedures, licensing
  • connection to real estate agents

IT law and E-commerce

  • counselling in the fields of information society services as well as electronic communication services
  • advising in relation to distance contracts
  • data protection issues
  • representation in domain name disputes

Pharmaceutical law

  • advising in licensing proceedings, import procedures, price regulation of medications
  • regulatory aspects of medication advertisements
  • licensing and price regulation of medical appliances and equipments
  • representation in proceedings at the Health Insurance Authority as well as other authorities related to the pharmaceutical sector
  • counselling in relation to subsidies provided to charity, non-profit organizations, events

Litigious and Administrative SUPPORT

Litigation and Arbitration

  • conducting obligatory proceedings prior to the initiation of lawsuits
  • professional legal representation in litigious matters in courts, appeal courts and arbitration panels
  • procedures for the enforcement of judgments

Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • preparation of settlement proposals and agreements, representation in settlement negotiations
  • arbitration procedures
  • support in mediation and conciliation proceedings

Administrative Procedures

  • non-litigious in-court procedures
  • acquisition and prolongation of administrative licenses
  • legal support during official on-spot inspections of authorities, negotiation with authorities
  • legal remedy procedures against decisions of authorities